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BatMaster Organic Liquid Plant and Horticultural food has many wonderful applications for the garden and is great for the serious producers of tasty fruit and vegetables. So enjoy your gardening and let us know what you have managed to grow with love.

For the larger and more discerning of growers we wish to enjoy helping you to find the optimum produce for your consumers. We are here to help you with any question that you may have and we often enjoy talking to people even when it’s not about farming or gardening so if you fancy a chat call us and we will be happy to assist your needs as best we can.

Professional and Proficient Growers

Protects & Maintains Plant Health

BatMaster Contains Humic & Fulvic Acid Which Aids Plant Recovery & Health From Disease, Reduces Stress Effects & Protects Overall Plant Nutrient Health.

High Level Organominerals

Protects Seedlings & Mature Plants

BatMaster Does Not Burn
Leaves or Roots
Due to Overdosing.

Good Soil Conditioning

Good Soil Conditioning

BatMaster Assists Soil Water Retention & Air Circulation,
Increasing Porosity in Clay Soils.

Professional and Proficient Growers

Increased Yields

BatMaster When Used Alone on Leaf Application a 13% to 44% Increase in Yield Was Observed in Research & Development Over Different Plant Varieties.

High Level Organominerals

Pest Repellent

BatMaster is a Natural Pest Repellent &
Natures Gift From Nature
to Nature.

Organic Content

Organic Content

Total Organic Substance: 25%

Organic Carbon: 12%

Chemical Content

What is in Your Bottle?

Ph 4-6

Total Nitrogen: 1.5%

Water Soluble Potassium Oxide: 3%

Total (humic and Fulvic) acid: 4%

High Level Organominerals

Disease Control

BatMaster has natural disease control properties and fungicidal properties

Good Soil Conditioning

Protecting Our Environment

BatMaster is Assisting in the Natural Way Of Plant Growth, Helping You Avoid The Use Of
Manufactured Chemicals.

Made With Love From Above
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A Simple, Safe And Effective Organic Plant Food and Natural Pest Repellent Made With Much Love From The Earth

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Liquid Organic Plant Food

NOTE: This guide has been developed during R&D for our suggested use, please note that it is a guide only and there may be reasons present in your particular usage to change the application quantities.

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BatMaster Liquid Organic Plant Food

Join us in making a little bit of heaven on Earth. Bringing joy to the plants and, protecting our many insects, allowing the plants to grow abundant fruit and vegetables, crops and all other types of farming produce, we have observed great results so far, so why not give it a try and tell us what you think?.

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