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BatMaster liquid organic plant and horticultural food is helping to protect the environment.

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The Bats & Their Protection

We are very careful in our approach to these beautiful animals because we are aware that every little disruption can potentially cause the bats to look for a different place to live. Therefore we have outlined our approach below for your awareness and if you wish to find out more about these beautiful little bats, please find a link to many different protection groups that are supporting nature to return to its optimum balance.Firstly, we will not divulge the source of our bat guano. For protection of both the bats at the caves and also our small friend and family ran business. We have many species of bats here that are very well nurtured by the environment and the numbers of bats are being monitored for purpose. There are reasons that we are protective because we are aware of companies that are not so open and honest in their approach to this wonderful gift of nature. We will divulge however that where we source our bat guano from is very careful about their approach to harvesting and the government bodies and supporting groups are heavily involved. We are monitoring the ecology at the caves and the harvesting is limited in frequency. If there is any change in the ecosystem then the cave is closed. This is government led. Each visit is pre-approved, documented and attended by a representative of the forestry commission and a representative from the government body for preservation and the local mayor.The caves are large, for example the main cave used to supply the BatMaster Product is 2 to 3Km and the harvesting only takes place within the first 150 meters where the bats no longer roost. The guano is very deep at the entrance due to supplies from 500 to 600 years of previous roosting. Naturally the bats move deeper into the caves as the guano builds. Each harvesting visit is during times when the safety of the team and the bats can be optimised and the harvesting is forbidden during the months of April and May when the babies are being born and nurtured.If the practice of using small scale infrequent harvests was lost to large scale frequent guano collection we will potentially harm the bats in these caves. This is important to us and important to the future of bat populations. There are groups working on the protection of bats, and although the source of our caves are protected in terms of identity for purpose of restricted interest, we are engaging with these groups to ensure that our work and their work collaborates to help the world wide concern over the balance of these important little creatures to the ecosystem of this planet. Secondly, we are hoping to influence greatly the world awareness of these beautiful creatures and we have made a start by including below some of our favourite links to information sites. The bats are varied in species (and are both insect eating and fruit bats) within the caves we use and we are very keen to keep you informed. We will be videoing some of our visits and taking you with us whenever we can in spirit. We will of course provide you with updates on any interesting news, watch this space. Thirdly, the creatures that are living within and around these caves are an important part of the nature of the guano. The ecosystem is very important, not only to the creatures themselves, but to us as users of its product. There are many different types of bat guano on this planet, varied due to the species of bats and the food they live upon. Here, we are very proud of our lovely bats because they have eaten over many centuries the perfect balance of natures gifts to provide us with a most wonderful bat guano product and we love our BatMaster so much that we are offering to you an introductory offer so that you can love it too on your produce.


When we look at nature as the provider for all our human needs and look into the heart of why we are existing upon this planet, we can, with much love of our basic components in life, enjoy what has been provided with nature. We are able to give the Earth a most beautiful gift of nurture whilst looking after our own needs with care and adventurous curiosity. The most basic of needs for human life, the food of the planet and its provision is our first and most important of tasks to develop balance. We as a species over consume but we do so for reasons of requiring satisfaction. We aren’t able to satisfy our minds and so we focus upon consuming. We at BatMaster therefore offer you an opportunity to develop your mind with love and patience and enjoy your feedback to the following questions:

  • Why are we alive on this planet?
  • Why are our lives so intricately linked to all creatures?
  • What makes us more able to give back to the planet what we have stripped from it for many centuries?
  • Are we ready to understand more of our role in the planet’s recovery?
  • Can we survive as a species if we continue the way we are?
  • Do we care enough to bring new ideas forward to provide protection for our Earth Balance?
  • Are we willing to enjoy our life as a species that doesn’t harm the planet?
  • The world is waiting for those who care to make a stand and encourage the blind to walk more carefully through life. Are you ready to be a person that makes a stand?

"Love your work and your work will bring you joy. Enjoy your life and your life will become much more to enjoy.” Paradoxical we know, but its a winning formula.


"The relationship with plants of all varieties is our love. Enjoy your nurturing to enjoy natures reward” that is our moto. Weeds are a problem only when viewed as a problem. When weeds are viewed differently it will be easier to understand how they work with natures own diversity to offer us exactly what we need. It is best understood for example that the various weeds that grow around your produce are not removing the strength from it, they are encouraging your produce to grow stronger. It is only time and patience with weeds that allows us to understand that we are driven more by aesthetic appeal than by what is natures best intention. The weeds are present because they are utilising the soil exactly in the desired way for balance of the soil. When we remove the weeds we destroy the balance. The key is therefore how do the plants we desire to proliferate and grow more strongly do so with the weeds present? That is the nature that we have yet to explore. The world has a balance itself but in every little ecosystem we can find natures balance being restored. The best way therefore to grow your produce and develop its strength further is to ensure that the nutrients that your plant desires is in the soil. That is sufficient to endure all form of growth around it. Enjoy your understanding and use BatMaster to develop the soil and the plant into exactly what you desire. That way, the soil is being nurtured and the plant is finding its own strength in a new way. Enjoy your work with love and find a solution to your challenges by opening the mind to new perspectives. Enjoy the land itself with the nurture that nature provides. Enjoy the balance and know that if your plant is struggling, it is because the balance in the soil is not achieved for the plant to grow.

Introductory Offer

When you purchase a quantity of BatMaster and you place it on your plants and crops, if we can take from you a few words of appreciation, in terms of your findings and your application method, we will send you some more product for reduced a price. We are sure that you will want more. Enjoy your work.

Enjoy what you believe.

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