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When we placed our efforts into the world of bats we have found much love and much response from many people that love bats, just like we do.

BatMaster Research And Development


All our research and development has been done by wonderful farmers and growers who have helped us develop our understanding of bat guano as a liquid organic plant food, and horticulture has developed a greater love of bats as a result.

We have, over nearly ten years of development, understood that the little insects that the bats survive with and feed upon have a special enzyme within their decomposing bodies that provides the guano with a wonderful enzymatic property that allows BatMaster Organic Produceplants to develop natural abilities to overcome disease and the fungicidal properties found during development have made us a very happy bunch of people. In the following photographs you can see the beautiful results we have experienced from the work we completed over the last decade and over many different areas of various weather conditions. The results speak for themselves, so quietly we will simply add that the crops and vegetables all found a significant increase in their yields and the fruit were most fruitful.

We found that the amount of food required to feed the plants and crops to make them very healthy was much less than expected and also, the farmers didn’t need to use any other additional products to provide them with the wonderful results they desired. BatMaster Organic ProduceIf of course, they wanted to they could have done because the product can be mixed with any other product of a more serious nature, but honestly, we prefer the bat love alone because without any other product it works wonders. We are so sure that our product is so wonderful that we honour every sale with a promise of support and our very well and knowledgable employees to help should any concern arise. This is our own idea, but with time and trust we are sure that we can support this world to help itself and we see that all that we do will, over time, become apparent in nature.

The applications of BatMaster have been developed over a time of research and development, but as with all that we do, we also wish to include what you have enjoyed with the product, so feel free to contact us and add to our wonderful portfolio of use.BatMaster Organic Produce If you like, we would be happy to enclose a lovely smiling face in the picture, so any that you forward us will be appreciated. Keep us together in our work with love by helping others to help you. We can always overcome all small challenges with a bit of knowledge and some patience.

Enjoy your day, BatMaster.

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